Monday, December 24, 2012


"A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices..."
hope is a funny thing.
It's hard for me to define.
Hope is expectation. Waiting for something desirable.
That sounds good.
Something desirable is typically something good.
Yet, to hope is risky.
But more so, to hope is... thrilling.

I'm sitting here by the fire. Listening to Christmas music. The presents are wrapped. My fingernails are painted Christmas red. I'm pretending the rain outside is snow. And I'm thinking about this wonderful, mysterious thing we call hope.
Oh what a thrill it is that we get to hope in this precious baby, our Savior!
We hope and rejoice.
We, the weary world. And isn't this world so, so weary? It seems especially evident this month. 
How thankful I am we get to celebrate. Not in this world, but in a thrill of hope. The promise of salvation. Our King and Savior come down to Earth. To be with us. To save us. Bringing comfort and joy to this weary world.  
I am so loving this song this season. Once again I wish I was a more eloquent writer so I could adequately express all my thoughts. But for now, they remain jumbled up in my mind.

This quote by Tim Keller doesn't exactly go perfectly, but I love it so much.
Hope. How risky. How thrilling!
Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!

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